Astrology’s root can be traced back as far as 17th century, which can be found in China, India, Egypt, and western world. Even though, not scientifically prooved, astrology still appeals because its amazing accuracy predicting people's personality. Besides, how much do we know if the physical aspects of the human being is also determined somehow by his/her date of birth. The visualization below simple uses data of over 32 thousand Olympic medalsts, who birthdays are registered with the IOC, as the representives of all human being to take a look at the potential connections between the birthdays and body quality.

SOURCES: The International Olympics Committee

NOTES: 1. Other in the continent category means a mix team. 2. Each square represent one single win. The same athlete could have more than one square due to multiple wins. 3. Medalists whose dates of birthday information is not available are not shown in the visualization.